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Learn The Creative Guitar Techniques & Styles that Made The Beatles The Musical Icon They Are Today
Hey, Max here. 

And like most guitarists out there, I'm a HUGE fan of The Beatles. Their creativity in the recording studio and their amazing guitar work simply can't be ignored.

From incorporating guitar feedback into their songs, something that was purely accidental at the time, and experimenting with various instruments in the studio, to being the first band to ever play a stadium show.

The Beatles were pioneers in the music industry, you can say that they paved the way for music as we know it today. Many musicians out there admit that The Beatles were a huge influence on their own musical styles.

For me, it was songs like Hey Bulldog and I Want You (She's So Heavy), that really showcase the amazing guitar skills from this iconic group, and one can almost say that these were the songs that ultimately defined rock music as we know it today.

Let's face it, love them or hate them, everyone knows about The Beatles, and their music truly is iconic, which is what inspired me to create this new guitar series.

In this new set, you'll find quite the range of music styles, from that recognizable pop sound The Beatles hit the scene with, to more intense bluesy solos and even a few heavy rock guitar songs, I picked what I felt were the best of the best from The Beatles.

Why do such a wide variety?

Well, the idea behind this series is not just to teach you a few awesome Beatles tunes, but to show you a variety of guitar techniques and skills The Beatles used, in order to create that unique sound everyone has come to know and love.

If you're like most musicians, when you hear songs you love, you begin to wonder how certain tones or licks where achieved, what techniques were used to create that heavy riff, how did they transition into that new measure so flawlessly.

And I want to break that down for you.

This new series isn't just about The Beatles, it's about music.

As musicians we tend to derive our influence from the music that we listen to, and we find ourselves taking bits and pieces from songs we love and seeking out ways to incorporate those techniques into our own musical pieces. 

That's exactly what I want to show you how to do with these amazing songs.

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Dig A Pony: This song starts with a pretty awesome pentatonic lick that will help you work on your stretching in your fretting hand, while simultaneously keep your rhythm on point. In ¾ time signature it requires a different feel than a standard 4/4 song (very common to the Beatles). 

Don't Bother Me: This song marks the first solo songwriting effort by George Harrison, and as you would expect, it’s full of tasty guitar licks. With a haunting minor chord harmony and the surf-style guitar tone he conjures up a sound that is unlike most other Beatles songs. 

Hey Bulldog: This is one catchy tune! From the heavy opening riff through to the blistering guitar solo, there are parts that will make your head bob and your fingers dance around the fretboard. 

I Want You (She's So Heavy): This is one of the Beatles’ greatest guitar songs ever! With an intro that is reminiscent of House of the Rising Sun, it runs through a series of arpeggiated chords in ¾ time signature while these screaming overdubbed guitars play guitar lines on top of it all. 

And Your Bird Can Sing: This tune is perhaps one of the most complex of any that the Beatles had written…at least as far as the guitar is concerned. With dueling lead melodies that harmonize with each other, it’s a guitar player’s dream to master this song.

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